Community Development District
The CDD is a unit of Special Purpose local government, with elected officials, and operates and maintains the assets of the District.  US Homes/Lennar Homes, when they developed Heritage Harbor, was able to use public money, in the form of tax free bonds, to finance construction of the infrastructure of Heritage Harbor.  Residents repay those bonds in the form of "non-ad valoreum" property assessments. The debt and the expenses (Operation & Maintenance) that go along with operating the "common area" portion of Heritage Harbor are referred to in CDD meetings as the General Fund and Debt Service Fund.

Responsibilities of the Heritage Harbor CDD include construction, financing & maintenance of the community infrastructure, notably:

* Common grounds and landscaping
* Ponds/Lakes
* Parks
* Entrance Gates, Street Lighting
* CDD related Financial and Administrative functions

Another bond, known as the Enterprise Fund, is for the golf course and restaurant operations here at Heritage Harbor.  Moneys paid by residents in the form of property assessments do NOT contribute to the maintenance and operation of the golf course/restaurant or bond payments for the Enterprise Fund.  The revenue from the golf course and restaurant are what makes the payments on this bond.  


Current CDD officials are:
  • David Penzer - Chairperson
  • Russ Rossi - Vice Chairperson
  • Richard Gordon - Assistant Secretary
  • Patrick Giambelluca - Assistant Secretary

Heritage Harbor CDD Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month and meeting time  is 6pm.  Please contact the Clubhouse at (813) 949-6841 for upcoming meeting times and dates.  All residents are encouraged to attend, and the meetings are open to the public.

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